How the customer service training will boost your career

For every industry or professional set up, industry skills, know hows and codes are required. Primarily these are acquired through training, seminars and workshops. Ultimately professional certification adds a notch to ones rating in the field. The customer service skills: training & certification Nov, 2017, will open new vista for participants who are already in the customer service industry and those interested in developing or starting a career in it. Hence the training and it certification. Watch: Videos from last diets [...]

Microsoft office 365 training and certification

After the highly impactful Advanced Excel Training in May (read here), the 2nd edition of our basic and intermediate training and certification on Microsoft office 365 packages comes up December 1-2, 2017 at EmployMe Nigeria’s E-Learning Centre Lagos-Nigeria. The programme will train and certify participants in understanding and usage of key office 365 packages from the Microsoft office applications. Led by Microsoft certified trainers, the 2 day training will cover key office and business applications with emphasis on practical sessions, [...]