How the customer service training will boost your career

Customer Service trainingFor every industry or professional set up, industry skills, know hows and codes are required. Primarily these are acquired through training, seminars and workshops. Ultimately professional certification adds a notch to ones rating in the field.

The customer service skills: training & certification  will open new vista for participants who are already in the customer service industry and those interested in developing or starting a career in it. Hence the training and it certification.

Watch: Videos from last diets Training

What are the career opportunities?
A certified customer service professional aside being in the CS field can access jobs in:

  •   Administration.
  •   Personnel management.
  •   Office/secretarial functions.
  •   Management.
  •   Educational.
  •   Training.
    *This however depends on your obtaining of relevant college degrees in the field of endeavor.

What if I don’t have a customer service experience?
The program is segmented:
Training for beginners and new entrants into the service culture.

Certification for participants already in the industry.

Will there be employment opportunities at the event?
Yes! the 1st edition in March, over 20 firms had access to the programme and recruited. 62% of the over 200 participants in 2017 have been employed directly (or indirectly) as a result of their participation.

Recruitment Chart So Far

CSS March 2017 CSS Nov. 2017  1st quarter 2018
Participants:  98     91 86
Certified :   78    83 79
Participating firms:  11 16 21
Recruitment rate: 52%           57%

This diet promises a bigger and better outlook from the 1st diet, more companies are coming on board, recruiting firms and consulting agencies are also participating.

Who can participate?
The minimum requirement for a customer service officer is an OND, participants are expected from various fields, career persons undergraduates, presently unemployed, youth corpers, employed, entrepreneurs etc.

Customer Service training

Image from last diet’s CSS training.







Companies can register staff to attend as this is an avenue to improve and stay up to date on new skills in the industry.

What will the training cover?

The training will cover all scopes of customer service delivery:

  1. Online customer service.
  2. Offline customer service.
  3. Customer management skills.
  4. Complaint management skills.
  5.  Practical management skills.
  6.  Practical demonstration | real case scenarios.
    And more.


  • Training materials (writing,file,workbook)
  • Certificate
  • Statement of result
  • Refreshment
  • File jacket


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