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Now, you can take from today, listed courses from on our online e-learning portal from anywhere in Nigeria.

From HR career advisory services, to an off line e-learning centre and today August 1st 2017 we are proud to announce another step in our mission: an online learning portal.

In our request to make e-tech skills available to Nigerians; graduates, entrepreneur etc,  we’ve added an online study portal to help Nigerians access our great courses from wherever  they may be in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

OUR MANDATE: To equip 2million Nigerians with work skills

Online education is now the way to learn. A 2016 survey found that online studies is gaining more acceptance and helpful in acquiring more skills, qualification and certification. Online studies are now more popular and effective and it helps people meet educational and career goals.

What our online studies will help partakers achieve:

  1. Instant relevance to your job: we provide work and entrepreneur related courses . the courses are more practical , engaging and you can start practicing immediately at work. Our courses, study modules and tutorial kits make an interesting relevant work-related example to relate with immediately.
  2. Learning new skills: our range of courses after offers participants opportunity to develop new work skills, refresh an old skills, learn job-specific skills. With technology constantly changing it will help your employ ability and adds great value.
  3. Course flexibility: our portal is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. So students on our portal can study around work schedule, at home, as you commute… anytime. It is flexible and at your own pace.
  4. New career opportunities: Our courses will help your career push and help you aspire for completely new position. Earning our diploma certificate online can be a great way to re-invent yourself if you are looking to change careers or progress in the work field.

Advice: Our online studies will aid you, because they are flexible and will help build the knowledge needed to get ahead.

View our portal here -> Online Home Portal


On our portal, we have integrated technology based medium to help achieve the optimum in learning. Interactions with course instructors are programmed to a flexible time frame. Majorly, we deploy the following to aid online studies.

  1. Whatsapp, (video, voice and text).
  2. E-mail
  3. Zoom
  4. Webinars
  5. Skype

To view current online courses on offer click here.

Register and get 25% discount and take a view on how our online portal works. Fill the online from here.



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