Resource Persons for RE – SKILLING FOR JOBS POST #COVID19

Francis Nnonah
Strategy Director

Francis Nnonah is the Business application and strategy Director for Gems Consulting providing leadership in the business engagement practice of the organization.

He has over 15 years extensive experience in the Financial Services as well as IT Business Consulting.

His Skill sets span Business Advisory & Management, Human Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Quality Control.

He was until 2017, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead; providing Quality management and driving the expansion of the business unit into a whole independent profit centre.

Francis holds a Master’s Degree in International Human Resource Management (IHRM) from Greenwich University, UK.



David Oghi
Web Developer

David Oghi is one of Nigeria’s leading IT/Software development experts under 30.

A graduate of computer science from Yaba College of Technology, he has piloted several modern problem solving applications that are now features in Nigeria tech space and helping make life simpler for everyday business.

Founder TechDave, Mr Oghi’s tech expertise cuts across e-commerce, education, banking softwares and applications; work experience includes pioneering web developer at Anthills Solutions, Web Admin/Automation Engineer at H. Pierson Associates Limited and other freelancing projects.

He’s pioneered remote working since 2017 and in doing so has researched and part developed various online applications and tools to make working from anywhere have same effect as working from the office.

David Oghi will share various apps on remote work with us and participants at Re-Skilling for Jobs post #Covid19 this July.

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Hansel Praise
Founder, Reference Point Resources

Hansel Praise is the Founder of Reference Point Resources, a vehicle he uses to conduct recruitment exercises for SMEs. He currently works with Sahara Group in the vessel operations department. He has been involved in the recruitment processes of several multinationals in the country so when he teaches it is not textbook lessons but from his experience.

One of Nigeria’s most reputable online CV/Job resource person. His twitter handle @Hannytalker accounts for more than 22% of job posts on Nigeria social media space. He had a huge following on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN all primarily because of his HR services.

For Re-Skilling Post Covid, Hansel will lead job seekers, career persons/professionals on positioning themselves and the professional profile for online presence with a view to being engaged, he will cover; how to prepare and participate in online interview, LinkedIn and other social media presentation, how to input using customized links on CV and profiles, better positioning of online trainings on CV in proper perspective.

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