Q&A: Why chose a career in customer service?

Views: 5  We’ve had a lot of young graduates feeling; ‘Is there a good prospect in being a customer service professional?’ Well here is our answer; Yes and indeed a whole lot of good career prospects and progression in the customer service industry and there are a few good reasons. A career in customer care at any point is a wise decision and more so now that more and more businesses are going on line. The rate of buying and [...]

FREE training on Adobe Creative Suite CS7 this January.

Views: 21 No matter your professional qualification, knowing and learning a #TechSkill is becoming mandatory in an ever evolving job market. In partnership with Adobe Systems Inc USA, we are offering FREE training on Adobe Creative Suite (CS7). There are over 7 softwares in CS7. Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of Graphic design, Video editing, and Web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consists of several Adobe applications, Example: Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere Pro or After Effects, [...]

time post on facebook

Best times to put up your post on social media and get engagement

Views: 11 As a social media manager, you have your content calendar, inputted all that is necessary and put up your post yet no engagement, reaction or response to the target of your posts. What could be the reason? Chances are, you are putting up your post at the wrong time. Knowing when to engage your audience and maximize post reach is an essential part of social media marketing. Knowing your target audience especially by location, interest and post motives [...]

Five (5) essentials to be a good graphics designer

Views: 25 The creative and informative industry sees graphic arts and designs as a vital organ. Graphic designing is widening and to be good at it and a reputable specialist, you must be up to date, develop and hone your design skills. Here are five key essentials if you are to make a head way in Graphics design. Creativity – You must have that creativity to see beyond the ordinary. Analytical to present client’s vision to reality. No matter how good [...]

5 must have skills if you desire a career as a social media manager

Views: 6 The social media landscape is developing and increasing by the day. Demand for social media managers is expected to rise in Nigeria as more companies embrace online as part of sales and interaction with the buying crowd.  To develop and earn a living as a social media strategist/manager here are five (5) must haves; SM Tools – You must have very good knowledge of various social media tools, apps and options. Getting to know only the leading socials (facebook, [...]