Five (5) essentials to be a good graphics designer

The creative and informative industry sees graphic arts and designs as a vital organ. Graphic designing is widening and to be good at it and a reputable specialist, you must be up to date, develop and hone your design skills.

Here are five key essentials if you are to make a head way in Graphics design.

  1. Creativity – You must have that creativity to see beyond the ordinary. Analytical to present client’s vision to reality. No matter how good you think you are, you still have to open your eyes for inspiration and good ideas. All these are stalked in being creative.
  1. Network – Networking with other designers and professionals of like field, interacting and sharing experience with fellow designers will always give you a pool of ideas and cross ideas at your disposal. Network with video editors, visual designers, photographers, sculptors, paint artists etc, Nobody knows it all.
  1. Nature – Get and be at home with nature; being able to replicate an idea, translating words to graphics often times requires persons at home with nature and natural things. You can be motivated by nature, be it at home, by the garden, riverside, forest or in the market square.
  1. Patience – Patience they say is a virtue. Show me an impatient graphic designer and I will show you a designer who is not diligent with his work. From taking hours in a 10 minutes design to starting all over again in an already finished work, your limits is always stretched and tested by clients, working tools etc.
  1. Never be Satisfied – if you are always at home with your work, chances are you will soon be losing clients, creativity and passion. As a graphic designer, you should be your worst critic cos in graphics good is never enough, so constantly criticize that work of yours and look at ways to improve on any work done.

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