Q&A: Why chose a career in customer service?

 We’ve had a lot of young graduates feeling; ‘Is there a good prospect in being a customer service professional?’

Well here is our answer; Yes and indeed a whole lot of good career prospects and progression in the customer service industry and there are a few good reasons. A career in customer care at any point is a wise decision and more so now that more and more businesses are going on line. The rate of buying and selling of goods and services online creates a growing need for clients to be attended to, issues resolved and consumer behavior checked.

In the last 12 months, The customer Service industry in Nigeria witnessed more engagement than any other industry, more so, disengagement of customer service professionals at 9% was the lowest in 2014-2015 year (stats from NBS) across the Nigeria Job sphere.

Will there be more demand for professionals in customer services?

Yes. The demand for service professionals is growing. With more need for meeting clients obligation service personnel’s will be engaged more.

What if I never read any related course in school?

The beauty of being a customer service professional is; your course or line of study doesn’t pose a hindrance. 62% of customer service professionals are not seen by their engaging clients. You only need to have the basics of good speech mannerism, language fluency and clarity, the rest skill and understanding you will learn when you get trained by the engaging company.

How will the training help my job prospects?

There is a whole range of companies; small, medium, and large scales needing online representatives, customer care professionals etc. Firms are recruiting and need fully so. Aside customer care jobs, this training will boost your administrative skills and you can also apply for admin jobs. The training modules and scope will cover; Office administration, Telemarketing, social media utilization in service delivery, customer management skills and many more.

The training is being carried out by reputable training and course instructors from Airtel Customer Service Unit, who have delivered quality service personnel’s to over 50 firms in Nigeria.

Examiners’ for the certification are also from Airtel service support team.

Will there be job for me at the training?

Potentially yes! Here’s a threefold response to the above.

  • Companies have indicated interest to have the assessment records of participants at the training with a view for potential recruitment.
  • Examiners, instructors and HR experts will avail details of student (email addresses) as they, being in the industry always have privy knowledge to recruitment, training, assertion and engagement.
  • The organizing companies in conjunction with other HR firms will give out to each participant’s application portals for companies that indicated interest to recruit from the training and also application link to other Admin, Customer care and related services openings in Nigeria.


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