ECOWAS – WAACSP professional certification in customer service 2nd diet 2023 to hold in October

The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals – WAACSP has released details for the 2nd and final diet for 2023 of the ECOWAS-professional certification in customer service (Basic) by WAACSP.

As one of WAACSP leading training affiliates in the region, EmployMe E-Learning in conjunction with Customer Service Nigeria, the best customer service training school will receive applications, register and conduct this diet in Nigeria. The Basic Certification in Customer Service (BCCS) is the entry level professional certification in customer service/experience, upon completion and meeting the certification benchmark, successful participants will be accredited as Certified Customer Service Professionals [CCSP] giving access to CS jobs, career growth and recognition in the CS industry.

For whom: Persons who desire a career in customer service or already practicing service professionals without a recognized professional certification and other career or non career persons who aspire to being CS certified.

The program modules:

– Understanding customer service.
– Customer service touch points.
– complaints and it’s handling techniques.
– the art & science of customer service, dealing with different customer types.
– Service roadmap; people, product, procedures .
– Practical training on the use of Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM).

Program sequence:

August 30 – Registration (including the school learning portal that allows participants access the program study materials: modules 1-5) opens.

October 20 – Registration closes.

October 26 – Class starts with stream 1

November 02 – Classes for stream 2 students starts.

For the full timeline of the program including
Exams, Certification, certificate issuance and others click here

Benefits of undertaking the BCCS

– The BCCS certificate is globally recognized and accepted as a professional certificate in customer service across HR/Recruitment spectrum.

– BCCS certificate comes with the opportunity to join The WAACSP after the program.

– membership of The WAACSP opens you to the world with it various recruitment openings as a member.

– Post program whatsapp group where CS & allied jobs are posted for you to apply.

Program Fee:
$50 according to WAACSP FX rate NGN 640 to $1)
Nigeria : N32, 000
Ghana: GHc 550

Payment options:
To encourage for an all inclusive and greater ECOWAS citizens participation, WAACSP encourages for part payment as such participants can pre book their slot by paying 50% of the program fee and balance during the program.

Full program fee payment grants you access to the program pre test and download the study materials.

Payment details
Pay in US dollar:

EmployMe E- Learning
GT bank USD – Dollar account
045657 2620

Naira payment:
Click here to make naira payment

– EmployMe E-Learning in partnership with Customer Service Nigeria offers the best learning experience and have grown a reputation delivering customer service training and certifications.
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– Group or participation for an organization at a discounted value applies. Engage with the WhatsApp chat button beside this blog post.