Professional certification in customer service (Basic) – Off diet program

Get your professional certification in customer service and become a certified customer service professional [CCSP] at your own pace anytime of the year

Good news!

Beginning January 1st 2022,

The West Africa Association of customer service professionals [WAACSP] has approved its Basic Certification in Customer service [BCCS] program to now hold at anytime convenient to applicants all year round.

Aside the traditional two (2 ) diet windows of May and November each year for the BCCS program, the association has improved on prospective service professionals undertaking the certification course at anytime convenient to them.

The standards, metrics and curriculum remains the same, all the new sequence does is to ensure that prospects do not have to wait till the diet period to achieve their dream of becoming a certified customer service professional and opportunity to join the community of service professionals at WAACSP.

The program sequence and mode remains the same. Classes are ONLINE.


– Register for the program

– Get access to the school portal

– Undertake the pre program test

– Download the 6 modules study materials (after taking the pre program test on the school portal)

– Facilitator is assigned to you.

– You meet your facilitator online and agree on days and time for your live online classes.

– Upon completion of each module class, you get access to take the module tests on the school portal

– Upon completion of modules tests, you take the assignments and certification assessment.

– Your result is released afterwards

– You get your certificate if certified

Now, you don’t need to wait till the diets in May or November each year to get the basic customer service certification, you can start today, tomorrow or next.

Off diet program fee is N30,000

In-diet program fee is N25,000 (takes place May and November every year).

To register for the off diet program

Click HERE to make online payment.

To pay via bank transfer:

Account name: EmployMe E-Learning

Bank: Access Bank

Number: 0106070151

After bank transfer/payment, upload your payment slip using this LINK.

You will receive login details to the school portal and start studying.

For further enquiries:

Chat +234708556666 on whatsapp.

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