Practical training on: Data Analysis, Ms Excel & PowerPoint starting this August

Views: 347 It’s our last session for 2023 for the workplace most sought after skills and certification: – Data Analytics – Microsoft Excel and – Microsoft PowerPoint. If you missed the session in May, here’s one final opportunity to earn a 2023 practical training certificate on the above work tool skills. In all and every work sphere, field or job role, the most in demand skills sets are data and presentation tools hence EmployMe E-Learning’s most practical class is these trio. Every job role [...]

Travel consultant training (TCT) & Sports Media Broadcasting (SportsCasting101) training – 2 key career program to hold this summer

Views: 68 After a 30 months absence on the EmployMe training calendar owing from the covid19 pandemic, the Travel Consultant Program and The Sports Media Broadcast program with Deji Omotoyinbo is making a grand return this July. Henceforth, the two programs will no longer leave the EmployMe programs calendar as the school converted the program, sequence of training customized to online and as such, there are now two options: – Online class – Physical Class.         THE TRAVEL CONSULTANT PROGRAM: For whom: Persons already in the [...]

The Travel Consultant Training is BACK!!: Become a certified Travel Consultant at the 2023 Travel consultant training summer 2023 edition

Views: 111 Covid19 is over! The skies now completely liberalized and open! Traveling for business, leisure, vacation, education and medicals are now in full swing. The most comprehensive travel & tour training program in Nigeria is now BACK! The EmployMe Nigeria – Travel Consultants program will re start this July with better improved, more enriching and additional content to give participants a big understanding and assistance in starting (or improving) their career as a travel consultant (not travel agent). Click HERE  to read the [...]

Start & grow your career as a sports presenter/analyst at the 2023 summer edition of the Sports Media broadcast training program

Views: 557 EmployMe E-Learning, Nigeria’s 1st full online school in partnership with veteran sport broadcast journalist Deji Omotoyinbo is returning with the ‘Sport Media Broadcasting Training’ this summer. After a 3 year hiatus from the last edition (Read HERE) occasioned by Covid19, we are delighted to present what will be the most educative and instructional training delivery on Sports broadcasting (Media) that will prepare and equip participants for a rewarding career in sports presentation and analysis, the program is [...]

Career certifications and training programs to improve you in 2023

Views: 2,363 The 2023 training season is upon us and it promises to be another career impactful year from the stable of EmployMe E-Learning. We are Africa’s leading online school for career professionals. Our stable offers the best quality certifications, the best online school portal with experienced trainers. Our certifications are widely recognized and acceptable within the Africa work space and also acceptable in the UK and Canada. Key benefit of training with us: – All our trainings are more practical than [...]

The 2023 HR & VA Training Certification program

Views: 404 The year 2023 is definitely a year of expansion. EmployMe E-Learning, Nigeria’s 1st and foremost online training/certification school in partnership with Young HR professionals and Career College kick starts the year with a dual- career certification program: – The Human Resource Management Training [HRMT] and – The Virtual Assistant Management Training [VAMT] In 2022, the school took a hiatus from the HRM and it VAM program to develop a certification that will combine HR and VA in the new work space. [...]


Views: 2 RE – SKILLING FOR JOBS POST #COVID19 Arising from the Covid19 pandemic will be a lot of issues. The key element post COVID-19 is CHANGE. In all sphere of life there will be what is now a #NewNormal. The digital economy will witness the biggest growth ever and ultimately the key driving force in way of life, business, socials, Jobs etc. Transition from traditional job routine to remote working is Now a necessity and on the rise, so also is [...]

Customer Service Skills Training 2020 : 1st Diet

Views: 11 Customer Service Skills Training 2020 The 1st diet for 2020 training, assessment and certification on Customer Service skills leading to being a certified Customer Service professional and member of the West African Association of Customer Service Professional will hold ONLINE deploying the full E-learning platform in two streams: 12th to 14th June and 18th to 21st June, 2020. Over the past 3 years the study have been largely 70% online then a class session taking up the remaining 30% with [...]

Customer Service Skills: Training & Certification Oct 3 – Nov 15, 2019

Views: 19 Customer Service Skills: Training & Certification Oct 3 – Nov 15, 2019 The 2nd diet (and last for 2019) of the nationwide customer service skills training and certification with a view to recruitment jointly organized by EmployMe Nigeria and Customer Service Nigeria with certification by the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals [WAACSP] will hold from October 3rd through to November 15th 2019 across six (6) centres in five (5) cities of Nigeria namely; Lagos (Ikeja and [...]