Customer Service Skills Training 2020 : 1st Diet

Customer Service Skills Training 2020

The 1st diet for 2020 training, assessment and certification on Customer Service skills leading to being a certified Customer Service professional and member of the West African Association of Customer Service Professional will hold ONLINE deploying the full E-learning platform in two streams:

12th to 14th June and 18th to 21st June, 2020.

Over the past 3 years the study have been largely 70% online then a class session taking up the remaining 30% with the class meet up over a 3 day period.

Click to view some pictures from 2019 Customer Service Skills session

In view of the current global situation the certification authority: The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals (WAACSP) have developed a brand New curriculum and structured to 100% E-school to be used across the region.


This is not a Webinar; the training, assessment will involve:

  • 5 new modules including CRM online study.
  • Module by Module exercise.
  • Break out team developing task session.
  • Individual continuous online module by module assessment and assimilation evaluation.
  • Multiple facilitators.
  • Pre, during and post training WhatsApp group to aid interaction, networking and post training support.
  • * module by module audio playback available to participants to make up for internet fluctuation and other technical issues during class session.

Upon completion of the programme successful participants will be award the WAACSP basic certificate in customer service and recognized as a certified customer-service professional and will be listed on the body’s website page of professionals (click to see listed professionals) where employment opportunities are abound.

This program will prepare participants for the FUTURE of WORK.

Despite looming job cuts, demand for service professionals will be on the rise as its one field where it can open to working from home (WFH), online, offline and virtual customer service roles.

Minimum requirement for participation is OND. Aside people in customer service and allied jobs, this is a perfect opportunity be you a sales person, medical, engineer or security person to have a customer service certification on your Resume


12th to 14th June
18th to 21st June

EmployMe E-Learning Online school Portal


June 4-8

EmployMe E-Learning Online school Portal

Program fee: N15,000



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