The 2024 training and certification season is here!

The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professional (WAACSP) the certification authority for the ECOWAS – PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION in CUSTOMER SERVICE (BCCS) have granted EMployMe E-Learning as the official training affiliate for the 2024 Off Diet BCCs program.

The ECOWAS professional certification in customer service is a 5 modules course program leading to successful participants being accredited as Certified Customer Service Professionals [CCSP]. Each year, the certification body WAACSP conducts the BCCS in two (2) diets May/June and October/November.

In 2021, the WAACSP introduced the BCCS OFF Diet Window, an opening that allows for interested applicants who wishes to obtain the BCCS certification undertake the course not having to wait til the next diet windows of either in May/June or October/November (depending on when applicant comes across it) this aids applicants obtain the certification at anytime so desirous and convenient to meet the essence of obtaining the certification.



For the 2024-2026 training & certification season, EmployMe E-Learning will conduct the OFF diet window of the program.

Here’s the details:

Professional certification in customer service (Basic) for practicing customer service professionals or new entrants in the service industry without a recognized professional certification.

Certification Authority:
The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals (WAACSP) – Africa’s No 1 customer service body.

Program/course synopsis:
The BCCs is a 5 module professional program that covers:

  • Introduction, philosophy, art and science of customer service & experience, who are you?
  • Delivering exceptional service.
  • Identifying customer types and techniques handling different customer types.
  • Customer service touch points and engaging ethics.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools practical session.

Program sequence:

  • Upon registration for the Off diet, participant gets access to the school portal to;
  • Take the Pre Program tests.
  • Download the 5 Module study materials and read up ahead of the classes.
  • Classes hold online (via zoom) over a three (3) days period.
  • ⁠After the 3 days classes, participant now have a 7day window to take the post class test, certification assessment and examination on the school portal.

The Off diet holds outside of the In-Diet windows, see the listed Off diet windows for 2024 and select your preferred program window dates.

  • January 25-27.
  • ⁠February 28 – March 1.
  • ⁠March 28-30.
  • ⁠April 25-27.
  • ⁠May – 1st Diet window.
  • ⁠June – 1st Diet window.
  • ⁠July 25-27.
  • ⁠August 29-31.
  • ⁠September 26-28
  • ⁠October – 2nd Diet Window.
  • ⁠November – 2nd Diet window.
  • ⁠December 28-30.

Program fee:
BCCS program fee is $50.

WAACSP approved 2024 USD$ exchange rate to member countries:
Gambia – 68GMD
Ghana – 12GHc
Nigeria – N800

Payment options:
The WAACSP have created for 2024 a flexible payment system to give interested participant the opportunity to undertake the course and the career opportunity it offers.

Click on the WhatsApp button on this page to engage for payment options or send a mail to: employmeng@gmail.com

Pay in USD
EmployMe E-Learning
GT bank
045657 2620

Pay in Ghana Cedis:
(GHc 600)
Momo transfer details:
Number: 0557963331
Name: Asiedu Frank

Click HERE to make payment in Naira and register for the course.

After program and exams, another 14-21 days for the results to be ready and available on the school portal and participants will then access the certificate accrediting successful applicants as Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) a globally recognized customer service certification issued in Africa by WAACSP.

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